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Senior Full Stack Web Developer

  • 25 years Developing Web Apps
  • 3 years 3D / XR / Metaverse
  • 6 years Fintech
  • 15 years CEO Malkine Interactive
Seeking a position with an innovative company challenging the assumptions on which we engage with technology.
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Hello! I'm Aron.

I am an Internet Technologist.

Below I've compiled a set of material that represents my dedication and approach to the field over the years.

Every new project I've taken on has enriched me by bringing challenges to learn new languages and systems to meet the vision at hand. I strive to bring a playful, curious, and energetic rigor to bear on every engagement in order to achieve successful results.

Whether they be creative works, business driven imperatives, or experimental prototypes, I savor every opportunity to provide value through a flexible and well-experienced skill set and with the desire and drive to nurture and grow all that surrounds me.
A wholistic approach to technology enables one to remain open minded, which is essential to engage thoroughly with the rapidly shifting medium of our digital world.

Career and Background

I've been applying myself to various aspects of internet software development for the last 25 years, beginning in college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where I studied Architecture and Computer Science.

After college the internet was booming so I started out working as lead engineer at the boutique web firm PK Interactive in New York City.

After a few years I started my own company Malkine Interactive, providing consulting and development services for online businesses in the e-commerce, content management, and enterprise application markets. We developed numerous web products from inception to maturity, on various platforms, for clients of all sizes across many industries.

I then spent seven years at Bloomberg, where I built front-ends for a series of secure financial regulation compliance apps warehousing all the communications data for the big banks.

Diverging from fiuntech temporarily I took up a 3D Web developer role working for the metaverse conferencing company NOWHERE, returning to my architecture and comp sci roots.

I've spent the last year in Greenwich, Connecticut as VP of Frontend Technology for iCapital, the world leader in alternative investments and structured instruments, providing guidance and solutions for internationalization as they bring their platform to global markets.

Striving to create high performance, robust, and distinguished software solutions has always been my passion. I'm also an artist, a musician, a tennis player, an avid hiker, and a climber.
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Client Highlights


Metaverse Engineer

This web-based metaverse startup is one of the fastest growing in the space, providing a rich set of immersive tools to create and share virtual worlds and build communities online. Tying back to my work in college, it was incredibly satisfying to once again be exploring ways to spatialize the internet and activate immersive experiences. Many of my directional ideas were incorporated and the whole concept is a historic first.

My role as an engineer was centered on complex React UI components (player list, global chat, live streaming, PayPal integration) as well as extending our Babylon.js 3D UI features. The team is exceptional.
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Senior Software Engineer

As the go-to solution for banking regulation compliance, Bloomberg Vault is a collection of big-data search applications layered above a hosted communications archive of 100 billion records.

As the senior UI developer within a best-in-industry team of software talent, I built the majority of the front-end for these Ruby on Rails, Ember, and React applications as we went to market first. As a full stack engineer I also produced APIs and micro-services using OpenApi, Express, and Python, created and optimized MySQL databases and queries, and provisioned all web server and proxy infrastructure for the secure client-facing sites.
BB Vault Screenshots (fake data)

Ann Taylor / LOFT

Lead Front-End Developer

I had the good fortune to be called on to build the front-end of the original e-commerce sites for this world-wide brand behemoth. I was responsible for the public facing UI for and sites. This included all front-end integrations of interactive media, all product exposure through to conversion, and all supporting self-service user account administration, including analytics.

It was a joy to embed with such a top-tier set of global teams working together across a myriad of fields to produce unparalleled creative works and first-in-class shopping experiences.
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Malkine Interactive

President & CEO

My internet application development and consulting firm worked with clients of many sizes and industries across the US. We provided engines for e-commerce, content management, intranets and extranets, as well as completely custom business workflows.

Above the site design & implementation aspects, this endeavor involved skills in business acquisition, contract writing, hiring, agile team project management, use-case modeling, web application architecture design, load testing execution, and server administration. This is where I cut my teeth in management, with no formal business training.
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Let's get to work!

Thanks for stopping by. If you have a position or opportunity you believe would be a good fit for me, please don't hesitate to reach out. I look forward to speaking with you.
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